Monday, March 9, 2009

Monster Truck Jam!

The kids loved this they thought it was great. It was pretty neat but it was funny listening to the rednecks behind us talking haha they got so into it it was funny.

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McDonald Army Brats*** said...

aw how sweet! Uncle Tom has a beard! Looks awesome! Pres grew out a mustache, but the Col. came for a visit and he had to shave it :) We took the kids to a monster truck thing when jake was probably 2, and he hated it cause it was so loud :) The best part is we had called a long distance number to get the show times and tickets and we didn't hang up the phone, and it was off the hook all night long, and we ended up with a $300 phone bill. I called the phone company and they took it off...but not before they totally laughed at me :)